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Don't Panic, These are 4 Ways to Overcome Food Poisoning in Children

Naturally, food poisoning in children makes parents worried. But, don't panic. The following ways can help overcome food poisoning in children quickly you know. Food poisoning can happen to anyone, including children. Food poisoning in children is more often experienced by children under the age of five (toddlers). This is because the digestive and immune systems of toddlers are not yet functioning optimally. Causes of poisoning in children Food poisoning is usually caused by germs that enter the child's body through the food or drinks they consume. Bacteria that are often the cause of food poisoning in children are E. Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. Some foods and drinks that are at high risk of causing food poisoning are fresh unpasteurized milk, raw meat, and vegetables or fruits that are not washed thoroughly before consumption. The Right Way to Overcome Poisoning in Children Food poisoning is usually characterized by symptoms of nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite,
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HbA1c Examination to Detect and Control Diabetes

Examination of HbA1c (hemoglobin A1c) is one way that can be done to diagnose and control the condition of diabetes. This examination is important, along with the Ministry of Health's prediction that the number of diabetics in Indonesia will continue to increase. Throughout 2018, there were around 16 million cases of diabetes. HbA1c examination serves to measure the average amount of hemoglobin A1c that binds to blood sugar (glucose) during the last three months. This duration corresponds to the life cycle of red blood cells, including hemoglobin, which is three months. Understand HbA1c Inspection Procedure and Results If you are at risk of developing diabetes or often have elevated blood sugar levels but have not been diagnosed with diabetes (prediabetes), you can take advantage of the HbA1c examination to confirm it. You are advised to undergo a HbA1c check every 1 to 2 years. But if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, HbA1c examination can be used as a means of control

Be careful, pregnant women are more at risk of experiencing tooth and gum pain

During pregnancy, it is not uncommon for various complaints, including toothaches and gums. Pregnant women need to be careful in dealing with it, because not all drugs are safe for consumption during pregnancy. Come on, find out more. Increased hormones during pregnancy, can affect how the body responds to plaque and germs on the teeth, thereby increasing the risk of toothache and gums in some pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women need to better maintain healthy teeth and gums. Moreover, studies have found an association between gum disease (especially chronic infections) in pregnant women with premature babies born or low birth weight. Risk of Tooth and Gum Disorders During Pregnancy Rising levels of progesterone have the risk of facilitating the development of bacteria in the mouth and making the gum layer more sensitive. This condition can be more severe in pregnant women who previously did already have dental and gum disease. Come on, recognize dental and gum health prob